Quick and easy tips to refresh your website

Resolutions, new beginnings, a fresh start.

It’s that time of year, and January is an excellent time to dust off your website. Welcome in the new year by refreshing website content, updating site links and smartening things up. (Admit it. When was the last time you REALLY looked at your own site.)

Sometimes, a good healthy review will determine that a complete website redesign is in order. But when a little housecleaning will do, follow these quick tips to help you greet the months ahead with a website that’s refreshed and ready for business:

Easy ways to refresh your website


      • Visit your website as if it’s for the first time. Start with your home page, and read your site content with fresh eyes. How does it hold up. Has your business developed or evolved in ways that call for changes to text, calls to action, or site navigation?
      • Work through each site page. Look at needs for content updates (date references, staff changes, address updates). Confirm all site links are in good working order.
      • Consider updating or adding new images to your website
      • Update your portfolio, client list, business services
      • Refresh client testimonials with new favorites you’ve acquired
      • Make sure contact information is all still correct and up to date. Don’t forget to ensure map links are current.

A website worth finding


Keep in mind that good, quality website copy is key – both to user experience and conversion. And if your site is not properly optimized, wait no longer. Enlisting the services of a professional copywriter to provide SEO and that final polish to your website content will be well worth the investment.

Finally, let the world know. Push the news out via your social media networks and marketing sources. A “Check out our website updates. We look forward to meeting your needs throughout the year to come!” message is a great opportunity to reach out to your customer base.

Make a resolution to start the year with a bit of website “spring cleaning,” and you’ll start on top.