Put your best web face on – Why professional copywriting improves site results

Websites. Today’s go-to source when looking for a business, a resource, information. As a business owner you likely have a website, are about to launch a website, or are looking to redesign a website.

The way your site looks and feels and navigates is absolutely key to a successful user experience. Those elements can make or break conversion rates and ROI.

But what is often overlooked – and surprisingly so – are, quite simply, the words. The quality of the copy, the “this is what we believe, what we do, why you need us and how we can serve you” which is so vital to a website ultimately achieving its goal: grabbing and keeping a visitor’s attention, and convincing them of the need to use your service or product and not the next website’s, a click away.

Website copy – playing by different rules

Here’s the thing. Website copy is its own unique beast. Your most visible, widely viewed marketing platform doesn’t play by conventional rules. We all read differently when on the web. We scan and decide to move on – or not – in an instant. And there is not much room for error. Typos or grammar glitches can be just enough of a turnoff to lose a visitor. Simply put, site copy that isn’t written well or with web best practices firmly in mind won’t best serve your reader – or your business.

Whether you work with a website designer (I recommend it) or choose one of today’s many DIY site options, you may think you want to write your own copy. But when weighing the potential for this central piece of your marketing strategy, consider how valuable an investment professional copywriting will be long-term. Throw the return on professionally optimized website content into the equation, and it’s a must-do for the smart business owner.

A good copywriter will work with you to express your message and your voice within the parameters of website best practices, creating a polished site that will make for a happy user experience – and better business for you. Looking at a new site or redesign? Be sure to include a conversation with a professional copywriter as part of your plan.