5 easy writing tips to improve your marketing content

I may write for a living. But I can use a little writing assistance now and then. (Can’t we all?) A resource. A boost. A refresher. Particularly when creating copy to meet the ongoing  demands of content marketing across multiple online platforms, when keeping an eye on the end goal can become a challenge.

Five E-Z tips to improve your marketing content - Karla D. Smith Copywriting

So. Here’s a quick and “E-Z” five point checklist. Five key items I find helpful as a copywriter to reference when writing online marketing content. Questions to pose and writing tips to help you in keeping your own business marketing copy fresh, targeted, and on track:

5 E-Z tips to improve your online marketing content


  1. Is it enticing? Are you speaking to your reader one-on-one? Do you know your target audience? Does your content answer a question or fill a need in a concise and compelling way? Engage your reader with your content.
  2. Is it energetic? Does your writing lie there, dull and uninteresting, filled with industry-speak and anonymous acronyms and run-on sentences in a wall of content…? Or does it sparkle. Inspire. Entertain. Evoke emotion in your reader with your content.
  3. Is it enlightening? Do you have something unique to offer in a content-saturated landscape? Do you feel genuinely inspired to share what you have to say. Is your content worthwhile? Educate your reader with your content.
  4. Is it easy to find? Is your marketing content well optimized? Do you have a firm grasp of your researched keywords – and how to use them to best advantage. Once written, will your content be read? Employ SEO best practices with your content.
  5. Is it excellent? Is your copy the best it can be – and better? Have you proofread and re-read for grammar, typos and best practices. Is it intelligent and eloquent?
    Exceed minimal standards with your content.

Use these five pointers as a simple guideline to connect with your reader honestly and thoughtfully – the foundation of quality writing and a successful content marketing strategy.

And don’t forget to continue to explore ways to enhance your writing. There’s always room for improvement. What are your favorite methods for creating top-notch content?